The Flash Synchronized Paired Whips are the absolute top of the line!  With tight wrapped, high-output LEDS, combined with innovative features and the smoothest and fastest quick release system available, the Flash stands above the rest!  The Flash whips also feature full Bluetooth control via the Pro RGB app AND an RF remote!  Now you don't have to choose between app or remote as the Flash gives you both!


Want to see the Flash Whip Overview Video on Youtube?  Click below!

The Flash series quick release bases are the best on the market for two very simple reasons, they are quick and they are clean.  Most synchronized whips on the market require a separate pigtail connection that you have to mess with every time you want to connect your whips, the Flash has evolved beyond that.  The innovative Flash whip bases feature all the wiring that the whip needs built inside the base itself.  Simply drop the whip on the base and you're 100% ready to go in about a second.  


Each Flash Whip Pair Includes The Following:

  • Pair of whips in your selected size

  • Two premium, triple-stitched MB Whips flags

  • Two flag mount clamp sets

  • Two dust caps 

  • Whip controller harness

  • Remote control

  • Quick install instructions


Our Flash Bluetooth enable controller harness will include 3 wires that can be used for street legal integration.  The street-legal option will force the left or right whip to blink amber and turn both whips red when the brake is pressed.  In order for this function to operate, the associated wires will need to see power only when the blinker or brake light is pressed.  


2 Foot Whips - Over 150 5050 LEDs Per Whip - $249.95

3 Foot Whips - Over 250 5050 LEDs Per Whip - $279.95

4 Foot Whips - Over 350 5050 LEDs Per Whip - $309.95

5 Foot Whips - Over 450 5050 LEDs Per Whip - $319.95

The Flash Whip (Pair)

$259.95 Regular Price
$249.95Sale Price
  • We take customer service and our overall customer experience very seriously.  We pride ourselves on having literally no bad experiences with our customers.  We know that our product is used in rough environments and issues may happen.  However, we have engineered our products to be strong and resilient even in the harshest environments.  

    We offer a full lifetime warranty against defect or failure of any of hte components of our Whips.  We know that we've designed these setups to take a beating and keep on running so we're comfortable guaranteeing them for life.  In the case of damage, we like to work directly with the customer who purchased the whips to find a solution that works for everyone.  In the 9+ years of doing business, we have yet to have an unsatisfactory warranty experience because we do what is right even if it costs us.  This is part of why MB Whips has a stellar reputation for customer service and tons of happy customers all across the country.