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This is our all new Stage 2 Pro R 4 kit that is specifically designed for the Pro Platform with the perfect combination of strips to maximize your underglow setup.

Each kit comes with 16 strips designed to light up the full car, front to back. This is a daisy chain setup, so you can tie this into your Pulse Bar at the front of the car and wire the rest of the kit without taking the car apart. Check out the video below to understand how we ran our strips so you can recreate our exact look.

Note: this video above depicts our stage 3 kit that just adds a few extra strips and pods for more intensity. This stage 3 kill will be available shortly. The Stage 2 kit is identical to the kit shown in the front end minus the additional pod shown, full length side strips are included in the stage 2, and in the back of the car there will be one less strip and no pods. Light output will still be awesome.

Rzr Pro R 4 Stage 2 Kit

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