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This wiring harness provides all you need to make installation of your MB Whips or Rock Lights a breeze. You can simply attach the power and ground lead directly to the battery and run the wire for the switch up to your dash or wherever you want to mount your control switch. This harness includes a relay and several fuse options for different installation needs as well as crimp on spade terminals for the MB Whips controller harness or the rock light controller harness.  


The switch will come pre-wired to have both LEDs within the switch completely off when in the "Off" position and both LEDs illuminated when in the "On" position. 


Note:  The current harnesses have two output leads.  This means that one harness can control to circuits with each circuit having its own set of power/ground leads.  If you only need a single lead, you can simply tie up the extra set and insolate the power/ground spade terminals. 

Plug and Play Wiring Harness for Whips or Rock Lights

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