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This kit is a full underglow kit with tons of options and customizability.  This is the ultimate way to make your whole machine theme tie together.  The MB Whips Strip Rock Light kit includes 6 segments of LEDS, 2x 5FT strips, and 4 2FT strips and some extension wires. This is roughly 18 feet of LEDS ready to make your machine glow like crazy.  The strips are IP67 waterproof with waterproof connectors.  They are ready to tackle the trails right there with you.  Each strip features strong adhesive as well as included mounting braces if your install requires it.  You can zip tie these to cage or frame components as well, giving you options to tackle the install how you see fit. 


The two 6 FT strips and two of the 2FT strips are designed to be daisy-chained together and one set of 2FT strips are capped at the end.  Make sure you plan your installation so you have your kit routed with that in mind. 


This MB Whips Strip Rock Light kit can also integrate into a street legal kit.  There are 3 wires included on the controller wiring that enable this option.  The white wire is for the brake light signal reference, and the Yellow/Green lights are for the turn signals.  These are power based references.  The MB kit requires a powered signal only when the blinker and/or brake light is triggered.


Want to take your machine to the next level?  Pair these rock lights with Whips, Roof Lights, Fang light kits and more with MB Whips.  We use the same bluetooth controller to control these components so you can control every light on your machine with the same app and/or the same remote. 

MB Whips Strip Rock Light Kit - Stage 1

$199.99 Regular Price
$189.99Sale Price
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