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These dust caps are designed to help keep your MB Whips LED powered bases clean and dry.  It is recommended that you run these dust caps any time the whip isn't on the machine.  We also recommend that when washing your vehicle, remove the whips and put these caps on to help prevent moisture from accumulating in the powered whip bases.  This will help prevent corrosion and issues and allow you to enjoy your whips for years!


Each order for this product will include two dust caps with retainer rings.  On Flash or Radiant whips, the lower run on the powered base will have a deeper indentation for the retainer ring to rest in.  This feature allows the dust cap to remain on the vehicle when the whips are in use and it will be ready and available for you to put back on the bases when you remove the whips. 

Dust Caps Pair for Flash & Flash Pro Whip Bases

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