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Note: This kit just includes whips,  whip mounts, flags and flag mounts. This is designed for customer who already have Flash Whips on their machine so they do not require a controller harness or remote.


The original Flash Pro 2" thick whip, burst onto the scene and was an instant favorite of dune and trail riders alike. However, we don't stop innovating just because we designed and released the first and the best 2" thick whip on the market, we keep it moving and designed the new V2. The V2 is bigger, it is brighter, it is lighter. It is improved across the board. We've reduced the weight by over a half a pound, we've added 2 more inches in length, and last but not least, added nearly 200 LED's per whip with a total of 600 LEDs per whip! Our whip bases feature a hybrid of stainless steel cores to improve strength and billet annodized outer mount to keep it looking clean.


The V2 Flash Pro features all of the awesome options you're used to with the MB Whips line including full bluetooth app and remote control, street legal integration, our innovating powered base design and so much more. Equip your ride with the best!


Already have Flash whips and want to add these to your LED Whip options, no problem. The V2 Flash Pro uses the same bases and controllers as the Flash line so you are already wired and ready.


The Flash series quick release bases are the best on the market for two very simple reasons, they are quick and they are clean. Most synchronized whips on the market require a separate pigtail connection that you have to mess with every time you want to connect your whips, the Flash has evolved beyond that. The innovative Flash whip bases feature all the wiring that the whip needs built inside the base itself. Simply drop the whip on the base and you're 100% ready to go in about a second.


The Flash Pro Series Whips are not flexible. These are a very rigid setup, so you will want to mount them under the roofline if you are encountering trees or branches in your riding areas. We do have Springs available that work with this setup, but we would still recommend they be mounted in such a way as to avoid impacts.


Each V2 Flash Pro Whip Pair Includes The Following:

Pair of Flash Pro 2ft whips

Pair of our powered stainless core quick release bases

Two premium black MB Whips flags

Two flag mount clamp sets

Two dust caps

Whip controller harness

Remote control

Quick install instructions


$389.95 Regular Price
$379.95Sale Price
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