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OFFCMBR Custom Day Whips

If you follow the guys at Off CMBR, you’ll love this day whip. The day whip comes in 48 inch or 72 inch lengths, and features a premium triple stitched 2’x3’ flag with the Off CMBR logo. It is designed to take a beating and last without fraying. It also includes our Swivl flag mounts that allow the flag to rotate and never bind and our simple and clean quick release mechanism.

Want to pair this awesome day whip with some sweet LED whips? Check out the link below to see our flash and our new pro series Whips. He’s Whips come with a base that is also compatible with your day whips. Get the ultimate combo with MB LED Whips and the Off CMBR Day Whip!

OFFCMBR Custom Day Whips

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