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This kit is the perfect way to make your trailer standout! With full Bluetooth APP control and an included RF remote, you can select from tons of color patterns or fixed color options is seconds. Through the Bluetooth app, you can even build your own patterns!


The strip kits are designed to go down each side of the vehicle evenly. So the left and the right side will be identical.  Each strip is adhesive backed for simple install options. Tie them into a key on power source for simple power on options and then use the app or remote to control them. You can also opt for our relay harness that comes with a fuse, relay, switch, and all the wiring you’ll need.


12 Strip Kit - perfect for Trailers up to 20 ft

16 Strip Kit - perfect for Trailers up to 30 ft

20 Strip Kit - perfect for Trailers over 30 ft


Kit Components

Controller Harness

Remote Control

Mounting Hardware Packet (zip ties, brackets, adhesive)

Harness Extensions (4)

Power Support Wire

Optional Full Relay/Fuse/Switch Wiring Harness

MB Whips Trailer Underglow Kit

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