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This Stage 2 Underglow kit is designed for the Kawasaki KRX specifically. We’ve matched up the perfect lengths of LEDs to pair up perfectly to the KRX 2 seat or 4 seat frame. This kit offers tons of functionality, light output, and a cool aesthetic. It also uses the same app as our Whips, Interior Lights, Wheel Lightd and more. With a touch of a button on the included RF remote or through the Bluetooth app, you can have your entire car glowing exactly the way you want. We will walk you through how to route the LEDs to replicate the exact result you see on our 2020 KRX. This kit includes 12 strips that provide ultimate light output and a clean install. Enabling your ride to have one of a kind a looks and the visibility to make sure you are noticed out on the trail or on the dunes.

MB LED Stage 2 Underglow for KRX

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