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MB Whips LED products produced June of 2021 or later are covered by a lifetime warranty against defect or failure for the original owner.  These products include whips, rock lights, accent lights, and underglow.  In the case of user caused damage or neglect issues, MB Whips will investigate repair options and/or offer 50% discount on replacement products.

We strive to make warranty requests as painless as possible by not requiring warranty products to be sent in for inspection when possible.  In order to offer that service, we rely on high-res pictures and/or videos to be sent in with warranty requests so that we can inspect the products virtually.  Please see the requirements below and we'll do our best to help with your request.

What do I need to submit with a warranty request?

  • Please include full product shots.  EX full length picture of whip so we can see the entire product

  • Please include a picture of the base of the whip with the MB Whips logo and date code shown below the logo

  • Please include close up shots of any areas of damage or in the case of impact related issues please include shots of the affected area

  • Please provide a detailed description of what may have caused the issue

  • Please provide any details you can about when you purchased your products and from whom they were purchased

MB Whips Logo Side By Side LED lights, flags.
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